Dingalan Aurora: Epitome of Beauty in Silence

Craving for getaways? Dingalan Aurora awaits! THE RISING TRAVEL DESTINATION

Feautured Image.

Dingalan Aurora.jpg
Dingalan: Batanes of the EAST View Deck

Whenever I look at this picture, I can’t stop saying “How WONDERFUL our LAND is.” I mean who would have thought in a small and rural place, we have this kind of paradise considering its state of economy compare to other cities.  Amazed? Well, it is only one of our majestic destinations. We have numerous tourist spots served for YOU!  Stop stressing yourself at your chair now doing paper works and others errands. Come on! Secure your family, friends or yourself ticket and come fly into this beautiful place. Dingalan, Aurora: Beauty in Silence.

Dingalan is one of the 8 towns of Aurora. It is located on the southernmost part of the province comprising of 11 barangays.

Located on the East coast of Luzon roughly five hours away from Manila, Dingalan is the southernmost municipality of the province of Aurora. Dingalan started out as a barrio and was officially declared as a municipality of Aurora in 1962. Known as the Batanes of the East, Dingalan boasts of outstanding mountain peaks, fresh waters, and beautiful rock formations.

In order to go in Dingalan, take a bus from Manila going to Cabanatuan. Genesis Transport and Five Star Bus offers daily trips. Travel time takes about three hours and the fare is around Php185. From Cabanatuan, buses and vans offer trips to Dingalan which takes around two hours. Fare costs Php90 to Php100. From the drop-off point in Dingalan, take a tricycle all the way to the Dingalan Feeder Port.

“The best part when you are here in Dingalan, is when you step here on the View Deck. It was a heart-pounding experience in getting here, you have to trek 30 minutes right from the foot of the mountain up to here. However, it was a great return when you get up here. Looking beyond this pure green mountain which is the Sierra Madre merged with the splashing of blue sea was a best moment of my life! It was merely a heaven to me!” – Tourist.

Herein, you can feel the Beauty of Silence. The sound of dancing trees and the rushing waves are stunning and exquisite.

It’s not just that! It’s not enough to catch a glimpse of one perspective only. Well, let’s turn to our left side and witness this astounding view site.



Dingalan Aurora: White Beach

Now, what can you say? Looking at this view literally gives tourists goosebumps. Almost all of their eyes peripheral view is covered by the Pacific Ocean. When you think of it, this beautiful scene is the trail you walked before getting above the mountain. Truly, hard work pays! Sweats are worth!

Last but not the least, let me allow to you to have a sneak peak on what’s below this amazing mountain. Unlocking mysteries are great! Now, take a look at this.

Dingalan Aurora: Lamao Cave

A cave CALLED Lamao is waiting for you! Tourguide mentioned that below this mountain, if you will use boat to see all those caves, it consists of 24 caves! Yes, it is! But one of those caves that became tourist spot was the Lamao Cave. Staring at the picture above was a great view. Many said that when you enter in this remarkable cave, you will see a perfect formed of rocks. You can also rent boat to roam through the cave because it has water inside it. Beautiful isn’t it?

Philippines are truly GIFTED and Dingalan was one of it. So I suggest that, you need to include Dingalan in your bucketlist and experience the once in a lifetime travel that you will never forget.


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